CD - Production

Recording Philosophy

Topmost target is an unadulterated illustration of the organ tone in the church room. The listening experience of a live organ recital is striven for by the renunciation of cuts within the single pieces.

In order to display the full range of tone produced by the organ, paired microphones are placed in a position in the church room were the sound is satisfactorily balanced and in no way distorted by reflections. There is no recourse to manipulation of the frequence response or adding artificial reverberation.

Technical Equipment

Condenser microphones NEUMANN KM 130
Microphone preamplifier TASCAM MX-4
DAT - Recorder TASCAM DA-30 MK II

CD - Mastering

The audio signal from the DAT recorder output is transferred to the computer digitally. After arranging the single pieces in the requested order, a compact disk is produced with the CD writer in the computer. This CD can be used for the production of a "glass master" which becomes the pressing die for audio CDs. Small series of CDs can be produced with the computer's CD writer.