The organ at Passau Cathedral was built by Ludwig and Wolfgang Eisenbarth between 1978 and 1981, in continuation of G.F. Steinmeyer's organ from 1928, which was the world's greatest church organ at that time. Today's organ contains 233 speaking stops with 17.774 pipes (and 4 chimes) on slider windchests. Tracker action or electric action may be selected. The complete system is comprised of 5 independent self-contained organs.

Cathedral ground plan

It provides the interpreter with the rare opportunity of being able to present a selection of works which are also stylistically extremely varied. Skillful use of the abundance of stops provided by this giant instrument, produces innumerable combinations of tone-colours.

main organ

The main organ has 126 stops . It can be played from the main console with electric key action and electric stop action. Case by Joseph Matthias Götz (1733).

An excerpt of 77 stops can be played too by tracker key action on a console with 4 manuals and pedal in the main organ case .

  main organ case console


Epistel Organ

In the back, on the left side of the western gallery, there is the "Epistelorgel" with 25 stops distributed over 2 manuals and pedal, with a free-standing, all-mechanical console. There is optional organ blower wind supply for this organ.

Answering on the right side the "Evangelienorgel" with 22 manual and 3 pedal stops. This organ can be played from the main console.

Evangelien Organ


choir organ

The Choir Organ with 38 stops, console with 3 manuals and pedal and tracker action, is placed on the left side of the altar room.

Above the middle nave vault section there is the Echo Organ with 15 manual and 4 pedal stops. The sound comes out through the so-called "Heiliggeistloch" (Holy Ghost opening).



choir organ console

The Echo Organ can be played from the 3rd manual of the Choir Organ or from the main console (electric action).

The main console is located on the western loft, all of the organs can be played on it by electric key action. It has 5 manuals and pedal. The electric stop action is controlled by an electronic setter with a storage capacity of more than 4.000 settings.

main console