Eisenbarth - Organ - Freyung

Based on the thought of the organ reform in the twenties, the famous former organist of Passau Cathedral, Walther R.Schuster (my organ teacher in Passau) developed a very extensive arrangement with respect to the size of the church. The result is an instrument, which is principal suitable for the performance of music of the 17th and 18th century and stylistic similar compositions of the 20th century.

Clarity and colorfulness of the organ tone became the most essential characteristics. The result from this conception is a great number of stops which belong to the overtone row as well as the almost complete renunciation of strings in the stoplist. By this concept, this organ is predestined for the performance of polyphonic organ music, especially Bach's organ works. The "balanced unbalance" of the organ case visually reflects the tonal statement of this organ.

Eberhard Geier